The Year of Silence

It just so happens, that I was asked for a recipe, & I decided I needed to update my blog as well.  It had been a long haul, relocating, down sizing, letting go of my kids & trusting that they knew enough to eat when they were hungry!

It was a year of giving back to me, the life that I loved, minus those that I loved most dearly; my sons who needed to start their own lives, & the passing of my Father in 2012.

I hadn’t realized it, but some how my voice had been taken away to some extent, and I grew silent; clutching my heart, that it may break all over again.

I grew joyful, yet silent. I laughed and played, enjoying coffee with friends, yet I was silent.  I found beauty in every day things, in this bustling City that I loved, yet I was wordless.  I worked silently, on a photographic exhibition, I even named it in silence; it was those first magical steps, when I looked up while I was dragging my suitcase, and read the sign “Hester Street”.

“Crossing Hester Street” I thought, as I fought to stay warm in the December chill, and I began shooting away at every moment of life I could steal; the benches waiting to be filled with morning drinkers of coffee, and the park filled with Grandparents pushing the swings of smiling toddlers.  I decided this would be a joyful place, to start feeling, and loving life again!  A place that I knew, yet had never seen before with the eyes of a heart, that had been pierced with sorrow.

What will I say, from now on?  It was not ever a question I considered.