Life is a delicacy…welcome

Coquilles St Jacques

This was really nice, an invitation to one of the city’s most raved about restaurants. I needed to cancel one date, to go on the other, but what should I say?  Neither was anything serious, but I really preferred the company of  the Austrian one, so I said “yes”. Admittedly, I can’t recall what my excuse was to the gentleman that was turned down; not to worry.  The restaurant was a vision of lovely people (as upper-crust as any pie I’d ever baked).

Our table, adroitly situated, gave a full view of the room; it  certainly doesn’t hurt to date the Chef’s close friend!  Not just any Chef, but an icon at age 27, and also Austrian.  Looking around the room, the polite conversations were only drowned by the sipping of champagne, and the finest wines.

A few tables away, was of course (I’d know her anywhere) Happy Rockefeller; quite the usual in NYC’s restaurant scene (especially if  the Chef has appeared on the covers of a few top magazines).

Scallops Parisian

prepping Coquille St Jacques

Smart, refined, handsome, edgy enough to be interesting, all said, my date was perfect. I decided on Coquille St Jacques, and sipped on my wine, enjoying every moment and taste.
One more glance around the room. My eyes fixed on a table, with a hand desperately waving at me!!  I barely waved back, and really amazed that the guy I canceled on, was in the same restaurant the whole time!!

The only thing more delicious than lying for food’s sake, and being caught, was having the Chef  take a bow and step over to our table!

As with many of  life’s delicacy, what remains is the simplest of treasures.

La Femme

A is for Attitude