FaceBook Tutorial

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg (he needs an introduction?)

You’ll need 21 minutes for this interactive tutorial!

First, let me WARN YOU:

You will need a jpg picture that is 851 w x 315 h pixels for this new rendition of FB, which is  a header type!  No, not your profile pic, that seemed to be a regular jpg avatar size.  I know you’re going to feel motivated to work on your new FB page layout, & not having the right size pic is soooo inconvenient!

Secondly, the tutorial may gget stuck on item 3, just go to the drop down menu on the right, and go to #4.  I don’t think 3 was that interesting anyway!

And one last quick note, use a pic without any cheesy marketing on it, like sales, discount, websites, etc.  I hope you find the tutorial helpful, and gives you a head start on the New FB page.  Good Luck, and I hope to “like” you on FaceBook!!

FaceBook Tutorial for New Look

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Images: Mark Zuckerberg via Wikipedia

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