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Holiday Potluck, Friends, Neighbors, and More!

“A potluck is a gathering of people where each person is expected to bring a dish of food to be shared among the group. Synonyms include: potluck dinner, Jacob’s join, Jacob’s supper, faith supper, covered dish supper, pitch-in, carry-in, bring-a-plate. “

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portabl...

Deviled Eggs

Apres Thanksgiving! Let the left-overs begin, but why not include your friends, and neighbors, in this flavorful feast?!  Chances  are you’ll each have a wonderful contribution to the evening’s event. Who said left-overs aren’t better the second time around?  You know you’ve tasted something, and have often said “it tastes better the next day”!  With food being at an all time high, wages being scarce, or not at all, why not share the bounty of the season? The idea of  potluck was to have each member bring a course, decided upon before the actual meal; however, it could be “potluck surprise”.  The fun of potluck would be an impromptu calling for a gathering that is informal, and casual, adding to the merriment.


Potluck Event

If you are especially ambitious, a themed casual evening could be organized by having your guests wear certain color shirts, Santa hats, ornaments as accessories, or Holiday pajamas and slippers!  Another fun idea would be a tree trimming party, complete with potluck dinner. We’ve gotten away from these simple gatherings which bring joy, and create memorable moments especially for children.

Candy Cane Surprise

Not Even A Mouse

Potluck Holiday Open House parties are especially inviting, because they create a feeling of warmth, and welcome to everyone! You may be the trendsetter for the season, and start a yearly tradition in your neighborhood.  The very nice aspect of open house is that friends,  family, and neighbors can come at their leisure; giving you time to mingle  with each, and every one!

Fun Tree Ideas

Tree Trimming Ideas

Which ever you decide to do, remember to keep it simple, and fun creating a stress-free environment to kick off the season.  You may be especially brave, and even include pets!


Pet Friendly Potluck

One thing is certain, as long as one person is alone or hungry, and is within our reach, can there really be a Holiday spirit in our homes, and hearts?  I’ll let you decide.


Happy Holidays

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