Double Event-Recap: Big Ronnie at Nat Sherman & De La Concha

Tobacco, and Brandy, of course in NYC!


This week, I was happy to be invited to 2 cigar events in NYC. The privilege of being wined and dined at flagship NYC cigar establishments is not wasted on me. I humbly enjoy every minute of spreading the good word of and The Cigar Rights of America.

Nat Sherman

The first was a release party at The Nat Sherman Townhouse for Mi Amor Reserva Cigars. This Nicaraguan blend made for Ashton was a nice full bodied smoke. Not too spicy, but not mild. As usual, no tasting notes from me, as you know, I have no palate.

Hosting the event were the team of Michael Herklots, Executive Director Retail and Brand Development, Nat Sherman and Pat Felitti, Director of Store Sales, Hospitality & Operations, Nat Sherman.

The event was excellent, with Cuban food catered by Sophie’s Cuban.

Tony from Ashton Cigars was on hand and talked…

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The Soda Jerk vs The Barista

The Soda Jerk vs The Barista? Genius!


Back in the day, when drug stores occupied the neighborhood corners, as staples of the landscape and the need of the community, there was a job vacancy known as the Soda Jerk. Not so much that the neighbor’s kid applying was a jerk, but more like they would need a strong arm to jerk the soda machine, you see! It was the landscape that Edward Hopper painted about, the neighborhood that we came to know as home.

The Corner Drug Store was indeed a diner as well, where you could meet up with friends, or go for a bit of solitude when reading the Sunday paper you just bought, sound familiar?  If so, you probably have caught on to my catchy title.  Really many things could be said, but  the importance of coffee in our society, has replaced the Soda Jerk with The Barista!  When was an egg cream replaced by a capuccino…

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What a delicious concept to Mother Your Own Business!  Well it should be Mothered, after all don’t our clients need it sometimes?  On this Mothers Day, I thought it particularly important to focus on getting a bit personal in business.

Getting personal may take a nicely baked cake, a half-baked idea, or a good swift kick in the pants!

Mothers Day 2012, let’s also give our Moms some kudos, after all she helped create the entrepreuneral genius that your are, and have M.D. stand for Mothers Day!

Just a thought! So, Mother your clients, and reward your Mom! Genius. Of course!

Notes: A Purse shaped cake is a good reminder that the relationship still involves $$$,
prompt payments are still expected, as per contractual obligations (Mom is very
proud of this last line)!


The Lens & NYC


Glass skyscraper, blue sky and clouds. Tribeca, New York City.

When the wind is still, the sky seduces the city with a reverie of itself poured onto the glass of skyscrapers like a liquid dream emulsion.

The fine feathered touch of the clouds brush lightly against the the cool skin of structures reaching towards the distant comfort of loftier aspirations and shadows cast on the world below muffle the quickened heartbeats and soft sighs of this not-so-clandestine meeting.


Despite all my protestations about glass buildings rising in the place of other more ornate and classic works of architecture, I will say that if you find yourself looking up at the newer glass buildings on a beautiful day, the views are beautiful.


If you didn’t see my initial contest entry post for the current Artists Wanted photography contest, you can still help me out by going to my contest entry page and clicking COLLECT ME


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Alphabet City.

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Let There Be Coffee.

There are some things that have been with us since the beginning of time, apparently one of them is coffee.  A global acceptance of this drink, albeit brewed in various ways, certainly connects  us coffee drinkers.

Cup of Joe

So what is the magic of this bean, that is still hand picked, and seems to have changed little through the centuries?  Generally ripened to perfection on the plant,  then harvested, dried, roasted and processed for our enjoyment.  My friends argued, that  coffee beans were not hand picked!  I could barely believe it myself, that today coffee beans  are still hand picked, and we still have consumer pricing as fairly reasonable.   Considering all the facts, coffee is cheap!

River Cafe great piano bar too

I judge the friendliness of a community, by how many cafes I see, yes that’s right! When I go to NYC I see lots of cafes, outdoor dining, and coffee bars; that tells me that this community loves to chat, and is a great place to make friends!  Of  course, loners can  just hold up the New York Times wide open, while sitting, at their fav cafe also .  @ZagatBuzzCafesNYC

Whether you wake up early just to talk to your Mom, over a cup of cafe au lait (like I used to do), or you make it a point to meet friends at your local coffee shop; the social aspect of coffee, has  become one of its most important, yet endearing ingredient!

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