Unmasking Love

I read something somewhere, relating to Love At First Sight (we’ll call it LAFS for short). The stats reveal that men are more likely to report having falling in love at first sight, however, stats be what they may, are not what I have been thinking about. The question I have been pondering, is one of cause and effect, of the eternal loop hole that can say so much; that ultimately slips by in the confusion of the moment. Loop hole? So, maybe that’s the best way to describe it; that “thingy” that happens, when everyone is watching, and you go in the other direction!

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So, how does LAFS come into the conversation, the thought process, or conjure itself up into a question in the age of pandemic?

Well, it’s a very simple word “mask”! Ok, maybe two simple words, the other word is “philtrum”!  Wait, before you switch off, it’s actually quite interesting, and not that scientific of a boring word; because we all have one, just like a belly-button!

The Greeks call it “philtron”, or a quick translation “love charm” (which could be said in your best Barry White voice), or “love potion”.

If you’re starting to squirm, and yell “where is it, get it off”, you should be ashamed, or even sorry! The fact is, it is right in your face, and yes it appears “it” has a lot to do with LAFS; sorry, not sorry!

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The “philtrum” is that indent between your nose, and your upper lip!  And, you probably will look at everyone differently from now on, because now you know; or have been reminded.  The power of the “love charm”, or philtrum, is that when we gaze at someone, we decide if we are attracted to that person based on the definition of that area.  Once, I was made aware of this, it definitely made me take a closer look, or at least became “woke”,  in the basics of rudimentary attraction.

I dare say, that the philtrum, may not be alone in the awaking of very human emotions, surely personality will also play a significant role, along with other attributes.  However, it does appear to be one of the very things, that makes the heart go Boom!

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If everything above is true, then what happens in the age of pandemic? Is wearing a mask a deterrent to primal instincts when it comes to love, and can we therefore expect less LAFS during this time? Are we therefore forced to make more eye contact, and rely on that as a new form of gaining love, and intimacy?

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Above is Queen Leticia, of Spain, who was a meteorologist on afternoon television, as the story has it, the then Prince Felipe (also shown above in the picture) fell in love with her while watching her on the tele; and, the rest is history!

Ironically, it seems that most people believe that gazing into someone’s eyes, is what captivated them to begin with.

What do you think?




Fear of People Staring At You: From Bing/Very Well Mind

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Queen Leticia: Bing Images

Queen Leticia & King Felipe VI – EPA/Bing Images

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Nat Sherman Unveils Daniel Marshall Custom Humidors

Humidors & Vintage NY License Plates, gotta have one: GIFT!


News from our friends over at Nat Sherman, via the blog of Michael Herklots:

In partnership with Daniel Marshall, we are proud to offer these beautiful custom humidors featuring Vintage New York License Plates.  The humidors are each one of a kind, with a hand carved design, Spanish Cedar lining, and come equipped with Humidification and a Hygrometer.  The humidors hold 125 Cigars, and are available exclusively at the Nat Sherman Townhouse, 12 East 42nd Street, in New York City.  Call  646-442-1850 for more information. ($1,595)

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Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld

Dunkeld is a quiet country town, with not much else other than the Royal Mail. It’s at the base of the Grampians, about 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Odd to have a Michelin-star-quality restaurant in the middle of nowhere, but somehow, it lends to the charm of the place.

The Royal Mail Hotel has been on the ‘to-dine-at’ list for S and myself for some time now, so when we finally got around to it, expectations were pretty high. I must warn you that there is likely to be many superlatives in this post because, in short, this place completely blew me away.

Not only was the meal one of the best I’ve ever had, but the room, surrounds, ambience and staff were exceptional.

About to have my mind blown

Menu Omnivore – June 23rd 2012

Course One

Rice paper, finger lime and salmon roe

The rice paper had the texture of a prawn cracker. Light and refreshing, it was a perfect opener.

Rainbow trout, coffee, black treacle, chicken crisp

Sticky and sweet rainbow trout, delicious. The winner on this plate, however, was the chicken crisp. It looks deceptively ‘plain’ but just one bite of this feels like you’ve just put an entire roast chicken dinner in your mouth. At this point, S just began laughing maniacally.

Course Two

Tomato and prawn, thai basil, daikon ice

The tomato and prawn had an intense flavour which was cut through beautifully by the daikon ice. It always makes me happy when I can say ‘I’ve never had anything like this before!’

Course Three

Pancetta and spanner crab, rye cream, candied radish

So much flavour packed into such a small serving. I’m a big fan of contrasting textures on a plate so I loved the soft, salty pancetta against the smooth rye cream. Throw in the crunch of the candied radish and I’m pretty happy right about now.

Course Four

Egg yolk and new potatoes, salt cod, fish crackling

Breaking the yoke on this and watching the velvety yoke run through the potatoes and cod was so comforting. Those tiny, wee little potatoes were cooked to perfection. Oh, and FISH CRACKLING!

Course Five

Hapuku and chestnut, toasted nori and chicory

I’m usually unimpressed with white fish so I wasn’t expecting much with this course. This course made me realise how awesome it can be. I’ve never had hapuku before but I want it again! The fish was buttery and flaky, and the single chicory leaf gave it just a slight bitterness that was spot on.

Course Six

Eel and bone marrow, eggplant, pickled vegetables

Oh god. OH GOD. The closest I’ve ever come to having a religious experience was this course.

Course Seven

Pigeon, salsify and medlar, cabbage braised in pecorino

This was the only course that didn’t entirely work for me, however, not through any fault of the chef. The pecorino was insanely intense and had very ‘blue-cheese’ qualities to it. Not being a fan of blue cheese, it was a bit too much for me, but S (who adores blue cheese) scoffed this down.

Course Eight

Fallen fruit: apple, almond, caramel, chamomile

Sort of like a deconstructed strudle. How could something so ugly taste so damn good?

Course Nine

Quince and coffee, pumpkin, plum, aniseed

Pumpkin ice-cream? Totally works! Getouttahere!

Course Ten

Pistachio, hazelnut, honeycomb, chocolate

Chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser, however it’s the pistachio that was the star on this plate. Paired with a milk chocolate ice-cream and exactly the right amount of honeycomb pieces. There’s a kind of genius behind this dish.

TL;DR: Incredible. I’ll be back.

The beautiful New Apple TV

New Apple TV

Please do not bully your old flat panel, after all you can re-assign it to another room; or donate it to a charitable cause!

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 Here It Is, The New Apple TV

“Pregnant From Manhattan”

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As a new Mom, or Dad, you’ve got lots to do; so I thought I’d help out. Remember your #BFF will also be the sage advise of well respected Pediatricians in the form of books (ebooks). The Baby Guru for my kids’ generation (and for a few generations) is Dr. T. Berry Brazelton!  I read lots, and anything I could get my hands on.  To help me as a newbie Mom, I knew I needed to be informed, for my new biggest challenge: Motherhood!

I was lucky to have one of my childhhod girlfriends. She was 5 years older than me, and experienced everything first;  filling  me in, as time went on!  My #BFF showed me a cover of a magazine, which featured “Veruschka” (the world famous model) pregnant, and barely dressed on its cover!  Wow, all belly, dark eye shadow, gorgeous, and good bone structure too.  Veruschka, was the first woman, to show her blossoming belly publicly, my BFF noted.

Many years later,  my friend had her first, and only baby (girl) who was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC, I became the proud God Mother.  However, in between my God Daughter and my own children, were the lessons of  “reading all these books.” She joyfully introduced me to Dr. Brazelton, via the written word, and recommended that I read his books, to get ready for my own brood someday!

My #BFF was like my older sister, so of course I wanted emulate her; plus she was drop dead gorgeous ( a natural beauty), and she was right about “Veruschka”!  Not only that, but she had worked in the publishing industry, and had heard Jacqueline Kennedy‘s voice in the elevator!

“What does it sound like, what does her voice sound like??” I demanded, whining, and almost in tears from the mere torture of my not having been there, and shame of not having ever wondered what Jacky’s voice would sound like?  I should have thought of this before, “what does Jacky’s voice sound like” I begged.  My friend calmly said, “she speaks very low, and quiet”! ” Sort of like this,” she dropped her tone, a few octaves to get a low “C”, and said “good morning,” and “excuse me.”  Oh pure joy, heaven, earth, rapture!  “Now I know,” I would speak this way too, of course!

Happy Mothers Day

My children were born to a well read Mom with a low, quiet voice (at times).  I continued to read more, and I really luved that “Parents” magazine!  You may remember, that knowledge is power.  The more you know the less nervous you are, the happier Baby is!  As you continue your quest in Motherhood, and parenting, I hope you know that many came before you, and “reading all these books” has it’s rewards, and merits.

My BFF and I, often remember when she was pregnant in Manhattan.  When she delivered, I brought Swiss chocolates to the Hospital, not knowing the new Mom wouldn’t eat them, she was breast feeding! Obviously, I was still in training.

Animals and Characters

My God Daughter?  She’s in College!   Jacqueline is beautiful young woman who plays the guitar, luvs a good read, enjoys the outdoors, and listens quietly.

My brood consists of two Sons, who are also in College, but don’t call home enough!

A Few More Lessons From My #BFF:

  • When “Baby Proofing” your home get on all fours, and crawl around! You’ll be at baby level, and see everything that the baby sees, grab, or touch.
  • Always test baby’s bath water with your elbow, if it’s slightly too warm, make it cooler.
  • If you micro wave anything, remember that heat is hottest at the bottom, shake or stir and test on the wrist area of your arm.

A Few More Lessons From Me:

  • Always empty the contents of baby food onto a dish, don’t ever take for granted that there isn’t a foreign object in the jar!!! (I once found a wood splinter in the baby food jar).
  • When you use baby wipes, test them on your self Mom, you may find that what corporate America thinks is “gentle”, is not so gentle to you. Can you imagine if the wipe stung me, how would my infant baby would feel (boy or girl)?

Wishing All The Moms a very Happy Mothers Day, and if things aren’t perfect, please keep the Faith!




“You say that you love rain,
but you open your umbrella when it rains…
You say that you love the sun,
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines…
You say that you love the wind,
But you close your windows when wind blows…
This is why I am afraid;
You say that you love me too…”

— Unknown

playing games

Lets Kill Cupid

Of all the things that eludes people, the happiness that is within their grasp seems most elusive!  How could it be that something, so precious is within our grasp, yet seldom know it?

“Ignorance is bliss” you say, but not really!  If you’re  just feeling unfilled in some way, or have some unexplainable exasperating gnawing in your heart, you may be unhappy.  I’m sorry to address this on Valentines, but it needed to be said!  I’m not sure if Cupid deals only with people hooking-up, or has to do with self-love as well; I imagine the former  is applicable.

Therefore, the lonesome job to achieve self happiness falls on each, and every one of us.  Hard truth, but the other side is that when you are on the road to fulfillment, and happiness, you’ll have a better chance for Cupid to strike (maybe)!

You’ll become aligned to receive, give, and become more interesting too, since gaining a new perspective (maybe)!  Now how does all this happen? Quite simply, give yourself what you would like others to do for you!

If you would like flowers, buy yourself flowers, that special song, outfit, or hat.  It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, just something that touches you in some way, or makes you feel special.  For instance, I just love  coming home to music playing, I feel soothed, and turns my home in to a personal expression of self!  I encourage you to find that “thing” that just calls your name!

Treat your self, and don’t wait for someone else to do it, if they do great!  That’s a start to loving a very special someone, who deserves lots of wonderful things. You thought it would be a tablespoon of this, and a cup of that?  Really!!

This is an infinite recipe,  whereby every moment is precious, every smile is deserved, every hug is earned yet unexpected, and everyday brings a new way to say “I Love You, Me”!

Just in case:  Emergency Dessert Recipes Link

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