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One of my favorite stories is the one about the hot dog vendor. Maybe it’s because I love hot dogs, or maybe it’s because it is such an insightful story.

Perhaps you have heard it before. There’s this guy who runs a hot dog stand in the city and he does pretty good with it. Good enough in fact that he can afford to send his son off to college. While his son is off to college the dad continues to grow his business, by the time his son graduates from college his dad has 10 hot dogs stands around the city and no less than 15 employees. His business is booming!

Well, his son is shocked by all this growth. He tells his dad that times are bad, he shouldn’t be growing like this in “down” times, and he certainly shouldn’t be adding employees. He needs to be careful…

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What a delicious concept to Mother Your Own Business!  Well it should be Mothered, after all don’t our clients need it sometimes?  On this Mothers Day, I thought it particularly important to focus on getting a bit personal in business.

Getting personal may take a nicely baked cake, a half-baked idea, or a good swift kick in the pants!

Mothers Day 2012, let’s also give our Moms some kudos, after all she helped create the entrepreuneral genius that your are, and have M.D. stand for Mothers Day!

Just a thought! So, Mother your clients, and reward your Mom! Genius. Of course!

Notes: A Purse shaped cake is a good reminder that the relationship still involves $$$,
prompt payments are still expected, as per contractual obligations (Mom is very
proud of this last line)!

I Claudia and The Sunshine Award

sunshine award

At first, I thought my fellow blogger @tvaraj  was letting me know about his nomination (for The Sunshine Award).  Well, in one of those blogging moments, he used the name “Claudia”! I thought how nice, let me read this!  What a pleasant surprise, to find that this nomination was actually meant for me, as well!  I Claudia, of course!


I am touched beyond measure, that someone should think enough, to let me know that I have inspired them to Write On!  I find @tvaraj articles, and content, inviting + interesting + intelligent. I was glad to run into my fellow blogger!

Thank You @tvaraj, of course you know that you have inspired me as well! Blessings to you my friend!

Here are the instructions for nominations:

Answer 10 questions about yourself

Nominate 10 other bloggers

Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they ‘ve been nominated

Incude the Sunshine Award avatar somewhere in your nomination blog

Share the love and link the person who nominated you (see above!)

As part of this nomination, some questions are asked, and therefore I’ll answer as follows:

Ten Questions Answered:

  1. I always paint my bedroom a shade of purple! This started when as a young girl, I asked my father to please make my room different! So, he asked “what color would you like your room painted?”, I said “purple”.  “I’ll need to paint the eighteenth century carved corner blocks’ flowers too,” I thought; and so my room was different!

2.  I am an animal lover, can’t help it!

3.  Royal Watcher, since age 10.

File:British Royal Family.jpg

4.  Luv foreign languages!

5.  I studied fine arts painting, my professor was a student of one of the 20th Century Modernists.

Museum of Modern Art NYC

7.  I learned the mind must rest, to receive the Universal teachings!

                                 You must learn to be still in the midst of
                                  activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.
                                                             Indira Gandhi

8.  I have dedicated my life to Love (Luv a continous work)!

                                  A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
                                                            Thomas Carlyle

9.  I believe life is best lived as a “romanticist”.  A small gesture, makes a big difference!

10.  I listen to my wisdom, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

So, that’s a bit about me! Thanks again for joining upon this fantastic journey!  The bloggers that have inspired me are:

I have nominated these fellow bloggers for many reasons, or a single reason, but one thing is certain, they have each touched me in a marvelous way! Thank you all, and of course there are many more, but they already have lots! xo


Love Meter

 Recently speaking to a  friend of mine, we were discussing varying cultural dating trends.  He asked me what I thought about the the  several women he was dating, and he was thinking about getting serious with one!  He started to detail some attributes, and then he started to describe the material wealth each had,  I stopped him at this point much to his surprise.
Man thinking on a train journey.


I said there is just one question I would like you to answer for me, when you consider choosing your life partner; he looked puzzled at me, but said “ok”!  I reminded my friend that are no guarentees in life, and that life can be as predictable as a clock, or turned upside in a NY Minute (song).

I said the question is “of the women that you are dating, which one would you visit in the hospital everday for five years, hold her hand, and tell her you love her ?”  I further added, “she could understand, and hear you, but she cannot communicate with you verbally”.

I looked at him sternly in the face, and said “this is what life is about, this is what can happen, we never know!”  He looked around the room, pondering the question, and it’s realities, then gave me his answer. “I couldn’t do that for anyone, no I couldn’t, maybe not five years”!  I continued, there are no maybes, that is the scenario I assured him!  Could you hold someone’s hand everyday, and say “I love you” while they were incapacitated in some way?  After carefully thinking, he said “no, I can not do that”!

In life, like love, we have to think of all the possibilites. It is in those possibilities, that we truly understand the meaning of a relationship, of love, and marriage.

playing games

Lets Kill Cupid

Of all the things that eludes people, the happiness that is within their grasp seems most elusive!  How could it be that something, so precious is within our grasp, yet seldom know it?

“Ignorance is bliss” you say, but not really!  If you’re  just feeling unfilled in some way, or have some unexplainable exasperating gnawing in your heart, you may be unhappy.  I’m sorry to address this on Valentines, but it needed to be said!  I’m not sure if Cupid deals only with people hooking-up, or has to do with self-love as well; I imagine the former  is applicable.

Therefore, the lonesome job to achieve self happiness falls on each, and every one of us.  Hard truth, but the other side is that when you are on the road to fulfillment, and happiness, you’ll have a better chance for Cupid to strike (maybe)!

You’ll become aligned to receive, give, and become more interesting too, since gaining a new perspective (maybe)!  Now how does all this happen? Quite simply, give yourself what you would like others to do for you!

If you would like flowers, buy yourself flowers, that special song, outfit, or hat.  It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, just something that touches you in some way, or makes you feel special.  For instance, I just love  coming home to music playing, I feel soothed, and turns my home in to a personal expression of self!  I encourage you to find that “thing” that just calls your name!

Treat your self, and don’t wait for someone else to do it, if they do great!  That’s a start to loving a very special someone, who deserves lots of wonderful things. You thought it would be a tablespoon of this, and a cup of that?  Really!!

This is an infinite recipe,  whereby every moment is precious, every smile is deserved, every hug is earned yet unexpected, and everyday brings a new way to say “I Love You, Me”!

Just in case:  Emergency Dessert Recipes Link

Thanks to:

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Cupid for being a good sport

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Life is a delicacy…welcome

Coquilles St Jacques

This was really nice, an invitation to one of the city’s most raved about restaurants. I needed to cancel one date, to go on the other, but what should I say?  Neither was anything serious, but I really preferred the company of  the Austrian one, so I said “yes”. Admittedly, I can’t recall what my excuse was to the gentleman that was turned down; not to worry.  The restaurant was a vision of lovely people (as upper-crust as any pie I’d ever baked).

Our table, adroitly situated, gave a full view of the room; it  certainly doesn’t hurt to date the Chef’s close friend!  Not just any Chef, but an icon at age 27, and also Austrian.  Looking around the room, the polite conversations were only drowned by the sipping of champagne, and the finest wines.

A few tables away, was of course (I’d know her anywhere) Happy Rockefeller; quite the usual in NYC’s restaurant scene (especially if  the Chef has appeared on the covers of a few top magazines).

Scallops Parisian

prepping Coquille St Jacques

Smart, refined, handsome, edgy enough to be interesting, all said, my date was perfect. I decided on Coquille St Jacques, and sipped on my wine, enjoying every moment and taste.
One more glance around the room. My eyes fixed on a table, with a hand desperately waving at me!!  I barely waved back, and really amazed that the guy I canceled on, was in the same restaurant the whole time!!

The only thing more delicious than lying for food’s sake, and being caught, was having the Chef  take a bow and step over to our table!

As with many of  life’s delicacy, what remains is the simplest of treasures.

La Femme

A is for Attitude