Why I Love to Travel

Within Your Own Soul, Leah’s Blog Will Make You Ask Questions:

Leah's Blog

Sitting at a restaurant in Huaraz, Daniel and I decided to do some writing and thinking. The subject was: “Why I Love to Travel.” We both wrote down our thoughts. Here are the first thoughts that came to my mind on the subject:

“First and foremost, I like to see how other people live. I like to try to see the world through the eyes of other people and try to compare these insights to my own life. We all inherently do the same basic things everyday: wake up, eat, work, engage with others, sleep. Rinse and repeat. But it is the small differences and details that are fascinating to me. Here’s an example:

When I go to buy meat at the store, I go up to the counter at New Seasons and say: “I’ll take a quarter pound of ground beef. The friendly meat-counter attendant smiles, and with gloved…

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