Things That Grow

This is a season for growing, as well as planting!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with planting a vegetable garden. I just like the idea of growing things. The truth is that I have never been very successful at growing my own vegetables on any scale that could be considered worth the investment in time and money involved. With the exception of tomatoes and basil, I have failed miserably at attempts to grow any other food worth eating. Eggplants wither and turn odd shades of green and brown, completely unlike the shiny purple beauties pictured on the seed packets. Same with bell peppers, which end up misshapen and underwhelming in size.

Bell Pepper Plant

But for some reason tomatoes love our soil. We get so many that it becomes difficult to keep up. I mean, how many tomatoes can you eat? And each year there seems to be some volunteer plant that springs up in a planter. We always let them grow just to…

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