Samantha’s Brick!

“Pretty is as pretty does!” not sure who said that, but I’m sure it was somebody’s alter ego.

Once we had Angelina Jolie‘s leg (as the alter ego, quite gorgeous might add), and now we have Samantha Brick; not to rake Samantha Brick ( hope she doesn’t jump looking at Brangelina) over the coals, however.

Ms. Brick may have sang her song, as a virtuoso she’s allowed to do that. In her case, she sang out of tune!  So why the hail-storm, may there be a bit of truth in how women see, and treat each other?

I’ll say one thing, that in my travels through out the UK (sorry dear friends), I did find that women threw themselves at my male companion, of a number of years!  Coming from the NY area of  the US, I found it amusing, yet a bit extra ordinary (I could use a word here making Nicki Minaj my BFF).

I wondered if women were so in need of attention, and lacked a warm embrace of affection?  Albeit, I did not see their actions as competition, or daggers at me, nor did my partner seem overly enthused.  Incredibly, when I travelled in Yorkshire on my own, I felt that the general response from women was more reserved!   I expected a friendlier climate, with Yorkshire being towards the country side.

However, London was quite refreshing.   Towing a big suitcase in the tube, I not once carried it up the stairs!  A woman quietly coached her husband, to carry my huge valise for me.    Was it my beauty, charm, or maybe both? Perhaps they didn’t want to  witness as I tumbled  stairs, holding a valise, and  the tube up for hours?  Nonetheless, I do have a way of making friends, and so I’ll stick to choice a) beauty and b) charm (I decided to mention that again in case you forgot)!

Samantha, Samantha, what were you thinking when you wrote your essay?  There is such a long & complicated history of  female relationships, that the most obvious answer must be a man!  Haven’t you seen any espisodes of Sex And The City to help you understand women, friends, & men?

I am inclined to believe that you are on the outer edges of learning more about yourself, and your role in this world.  I propose (figuratively that is), that you are going to understand the difference between narcissism, and self- esteem!  Moreover, dear Samantha, you may even come to know that sugar makes even bitterness sweet!

The wiser I grow (seasoned is a preferred word in some circles) the more I like, unconditonally care about, and value a beautiful creature called woman (that would be me too, of course)!

There is something powerful about being self-effacing, thereby touching the heart of the beast that you fear most; for what we see in others, we often find in ourselves.  Therefore, I would say that you, Samantha, are on the brink of a discovery,  finding that beautiful woman existing to be cherished, cared about, and tenderly loved as all humans need to be.

I hope this won’t be Samantha’s swan song, and I can’t wait until she learns that she is part of the soul of the universe!

Samantha, you are pretty, but I am beautiful!  I’ve saved a spot for you in the cue (see you when you get there! )

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