Loquat Cobbler-Cake

Loquacious Chatty Gossip Cake

Desa's Dishes

Part of my job here in Spain is basically chit-chat with grammatical correction.  I have developed little hand cues that mean invert order of noun and adjective that are…more or less understood.  One of the upsides of this is that I’ve wandered through quite a few different topics of conversation and I’m always picking up fun little bits of information. Last week one of the more offbeat topics was tropical fruit.  Mariano, one of the professors I work with, is from an area of Granada called Almuñecar that has a unique climate that makes it a cornucopia of tropical fruit you cannot find in any other part of Spain.  Pomegranates, peaches, custard apples, and one of his family’s favorites, the níspero or loquat.

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