what I learned in Ireland

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In honor of St. Patty’s Day & all the rainbows leading to pots of gold!  Happy St Patrick’s Day!!


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The summer after I graduated from college, I went to Ireland with two girlfriends. We rented a flat in Galway for three months and, from there, traveled all around. It was an excellent and hilarious trip, mostly because because Cara and Marisa were a lot of fun. Whenever St. Paddy’s rolls around, I think of them and the country we traveled together. Here are some things I learned while there:

That it can actually be quite sunny in Ireland – it didn’t rain for our first 10 days there. Lots of pale people (myself included) flocked to the beach. I probably got more of a tan there than I have ever gotten since. The news reported lots of cases of sun poisoning and first degree burns. This photo was taken at Salthill beach in Galway:

Salthill Galway

There’s a preponderance of stones and rocks and they do impressive things with them –…

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