The Prayer Maniac

Holy Toledo! Holy Cow! Now, Holy Experiment Day!  Yes I am thinking this is so weird it must be true!  I searched outside of the US for March’s exciting Holidays, but found little to celebrate; therefore an experiment could prove worth while.

According to the guidelines, you may perform your experiment in the following ways:
Praying for someone’s health, and waiting for results.
Spurring religious interest in your faith, and then seeking conversion of the unsuspecting soul.
Praying that you did really well on that test you didn’t study for, or studying first then praying you passed.

You favorite teams have been losers so long, you forgot who they were. Prayer may be an answer for the predicament, of course you won’t know until you try; do monitor achievements of your team.  Is that what Tebow does?  Maybe you can create your own prayer stance, other than hanging your head in shame!

The point is that Holy Experiment Day, is meant to stir the faithful into action; along with those that perhaps are teetering, not being sure of anything at all.

However, on a note of wisdom I will say “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”. Be wise about your prayer. Why not ask for guidance in your desire, and that it is for your good.  Remembering, that sometimes we do not know the perils of our desires, but only acknowledge the need within.

Is the need blindingly powerful, to the point it lets reason out the store window?
Perhaps part of the experiment could be a soul search of sorts. You may find that what you thought you wanted, is not what really motivates you at all!

I will be saying grace that many more have the pleasure of a good meal, and wonderful company; adding, that whatever I am munching on didn’t suffer.  Once at the dining table many will join in prayer, when you lead the way. It’s as though someone was just waiting for you, to begin the experiment, so they could see the results!

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