Love Meter

 Recently speaking to a  friend of mine, we were discussing varying cultural dating trends.  He asked me what I thought about the the  several women he was dating, and he was thinking about getting serious with one!  He started to detail some attributes, and then he started to describe the material wealth each had,  I stopped him at this point much to his surprise.
Man thinking on a train journey.


I said there is just one question I would like you to answer for me, when you consider choosing your life partner; he looked puzzled at me, but said “ok”!  I reminded my friend that are no guarentees in life, and that life can be as predictable as a clock, or turned upside in a NY Minute (song).

I said the question is “of the women that you are dating, which one would you visit in the hospital everday for five years, hold her hand, and tell her you love her ?”  I further added, “she could understand, and hear you, but she cannot communicate with you verbally”.

I looked at him sternly in the face, and said “this is what life is about, this is what can happen, we never know!”  He looked around the room, pondering the question, and it’s realities, then gave me his answer. “I couldn’t do that for anyone, no I couldn’t, maybe not five years”!  I continued, there are no maybes, that is the scenario I assured him!  Could you hold someone’s hand everyday, and say “I love you” while they were incapacitated in some way?  After carefully thinking, he said “no, I can not do that”!

In life, like love, we have to think of all the possibilites. It is in those possibilities, that we truly understand the meaning of a relationship, of love, and marriage.

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