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Lets Kill Cupid

Of all the things that eludes people, the happiness that is within their grasp seems most elusive!  How could it be that something, so precious is within our grasp, yet seldom know it?

“Ignorance is bliss” you say, but not really!  If you’re  just feeling unfilled in some way, or have some unexplainable exasperating gnawing in your heart, you may be unhappy.  I’m sorry to address this on Valentines, but it needed to be said!  I’m not sure if Cupid deals only with people hooking-up, or has to do with self-love as well; I imagine the former  is applicable.

Therefore, the lonesome job to achieve self happiness falls on each, and every one of us.  Hard truth, but the other side is that when you are on the road to fulfillment, and happiness, you’ll have a better chance for Cupid to strike (maybe)!

You’ll become aligned to receive, give, and become more interesting too, since gaining a new perspective (maybe)!  Now how does all this happen? Quite simply, give yourself what you would like others to do for you!

If you would like flowers, buy yourself flowers, that special song, outfit, or hat.  It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, just something that touches you in some way, or makes you feel special.  For instance, I just love  coming home to music playing, I feel soothed, and turns my home in to a personal expression of self!  I encourage you to find that “thing” that just calls your name!

Treat your self, and don’t wait for someone else to do it, if they do great!  That’s a start to loving a very special someone, who deserves lots of wonderful things. You thought it would be a tablespoon of this, and a cup of that?  Really!!

This is an infinite recipe,  whereby every moment is precious, every smile is deserved, every hug is earned yet unexpected, and everyday brings a new way to say “I Love You, Me”!

Just in case:  Emergency Dessert Recipes Link

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Cupid for being a good sport

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