My Friend at SuperBowl

My friend in the white hat! Leave it up to her to fly to Indy to catch Madonna, Nikki Minaj, & M.I.A.!

Vernsey and I (along with our other 5 or so girlfriends) caught Madonna at the South Street SeaPort ! Madonna’s debut was opening for Cindy Lauper, via video, singing “You Must Be My Lucky Star“, as we used to say “but who knew?”

I’m glad my friend Vernsey got to go, after all she has been one of the hardest working ladies I know, and she is our group’s Jennifer Aniston look alike (which may or may not mean anything, under all that winter gear)!

She’s been there with a card in the mail, to give a comforting word, albeit from the distance.  For a girl that got all the trappings of life later on, she sure understood.

I haven’t spoken to her yet about the whole SuperBowl experience, but I’m so glad she got a chance to be rocked again!


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