Liberation Day

Sixty seven years ago,  a horrific place known as Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army.  It was January 27th, 1945, the untold horrors still haunt the hearts, and minds, of the bravest who marched in; along with any persons that some how survived.

It is appropriate to mark this day as  International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day in which many of the World communities pay their respects, along with the United Nations.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum notes the liberation of seven thousand prisoners.  However, 1.1 million persons were killed, including Polish dissidents, Soviet prisoners  of war, Gypsies, the disabled, homosexuals,  and persons of several Christian religious sectors.

Holocaust survivors lay wreaths at the “Wall of Death” at Auschwitz on the 67th anniversary of the death camp’s liberation, in Oswiecim, Poland, on Friday Jan. 27, 2012. The Wall of Death was a site where Nazi Germans executed their victims at the notorious camp in occupied southern Polandthere. Survivors and others gather every year to commemorate those who perished on the anniversary of the camp’s liberation by the Soviet Red Army on Jan. 27, 1945. (AP Photo/Katarzyna Guratowska)    POLAND OUT

On A Personal Note:

I remember being a teenager in high school, and taking public transporation.  On a few occasions I would gaze over at the person next to me; what would the person’s face tell I wondered, what would it reveal?   The shirt matched the whiteness of his hair, his short sleeves unable to hide what his face did not show.  I glanced over to see the now wrinkled skin of his arm, which still showed the etching of numbers on his inner fore arm; I wanted to do so many things at this moment, but mostly I wanted to make sure I remembered.  I traced the numbers over, and over again in my mind, but some how I could not remember them, only him!  The indelible person that he must be, as I sat quietly next to him I knew that some how, some way, live goes on; in the magnificent story of a survivor, life continues.  I can still feel, and remember, his strength. – LifeDelicacy

Thanks to:

Pam Gaulin – January 27th 2012

AP photo Katarzyna Guratowska- Poland

BBC-Press Office- Auschwitz 2004


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