Equality and Sports

It occurred to me, watching (well actually listening) to the yells and screams of the Sunday Football (NFL)  that my  thoughts on women, racism, and male dominated sports need addressing.  Men have many platforms in our society in which to bond: business, bars, sports, sports bars, sports, & more sports.

Players make multi-million dollars based on their abilities, and every one agrees that they should be paid that much.  Men have surpassed their egos, and other critical aspects of manly-ness, by having a fellow male get the prize; this is based on the premise that the observer receive total sports satisfaction from his fave player (and team).

It is really a very good thing, because sports (in the male arena) has given our society a color-less, race-less, international platform to relate to.  Therefore in the male arena, is there less discrimination, and racism towards each other, than say to a woman based on ethnicity.

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Women have   sports platforms, but not to the extent that men have. Women have a larger gap to fill with issues of racism, both at home, and internationally (where cultures play such an important role).  It would appear that women are strangers to each other, especially when it comes to    understanding, accepting, and participating in multiculturalism.

Although, the basis of home making has been able to bond women, on a common ground (which is yet based on differences );  we appreciate, and agree, on the virtues of each others cuisine.  However, home-economics is still a long way from becoming the platform (and tables) needed to bring equitable distribution amongst the fairer sex.

I am going to suggest that we as women, must take a more active role in participating, promoting sports and athletes, as a platform to bring greater understanding, and equality amongst all women.

The suggestion of having more rigorous grounds as a platform to greater understanding, and equality, does not negate the fact that we still need less disparity in cultural (and ethnic) differences in both women, and men.


3 comments on “Equality and Sports

  1. I’ve found, after living in the deep south for nearly 10 years, the perceptions and history aren’t always accurate. Racism is alive and well while originating from each race w/o excuse or justification. The reality of history and the civil war story… completely high-jacked and manipulated in our educational system. The truth is far more interesting and enlightening. It just doesn’t alllow for the current formats of manipulation with the population.

    Sports? The market drives the rates and the audience is primarily men. When you remove it to it’s core… guys are really idiots! lol And yes, I’m one of the sports idiots. Again, it’s not a simple solution. If equal distribution/allocation of funding were provided within the colleges there would be many programs that wouldn’t exist. It’s very similar to funding govt programs based on collected taxes from private business. If you raise taxes too high… they’ll be less business and less revenue coming in to support those govt programs.

    Sexism? No excuse… you can find examples showing reverse discrimination/harassment and instances of women earning more. By and by… it’s anything but an even playing field. A huge topic with a million branches! Whew….

    Just some quick ramblings while waiting outside The Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville….

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