My Chair!

The simplest ideas, can at times, be the most life changing.

I remember as a child always sitting at the same place at the dining table, it was after all “my chair”!  I started sitting at the same spot when I first visited the original owners, serving us kids  a glass of  7up soda, when my parents were buying the house.  It wasn’t until my early twenties, when I was at a training seminar, that I was introduced to the thought of  “sitting at a different spot at the dining table”.

I had my own place, but I still came home for an occasional home cooked meal.   I recall how different my new spot at the dining table, made every thing appear.   I wondered about how our perspective affected how we saw things, and  each other?

Choosing one exercise to add to your journey, I would say the concept of selecting a different sitting at your dining table could prove to be a fun exercise, especially if you have children.  With kids at home regardless of their age, you could have them write their views, feelings, and even have art time (or photos).

To me the exercise  of switching seats, was the mere concept of accepting new ideas, which eventually open one to the value of different ideas, and views. Since that initial session, I can say that I have  made it my point to keep learning, loving new ideas, and growing.

I hope that you will learn something new everyday, and cherish every lesson in your spectacular journeys!

My first impact:  Dr. Leo Buscaglia Love1A

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