Papaya Luvr

Papaya Luvr!

I decided that Papayas were for me!  It was a love affair that started some time ago, in Panama, Central America.  My morning breakfast  always included a large slice of “strawberry” papaya, the bright orange-red flesh of the fruit, was as sweet as it looked.  The soothing papaya taste, would prove to be a flavor I had to have back in the States.   Glossy caviar-like seeds laden in the center, were an inviting contrast to the flesh; along with the  exterior colors of yellow, or gold, once ripened.

Strawberry Papaya

There are various species of the Tropical fruit, however the flavor is very similar, except for the occasional flat tasting one.  Like all fruit, the Papaya, does have it’s seasonal “bad apples” if you will.  Alas, my love still endures! Now, I  enjoy Papaya in a salad, and in a healthy smoothie as well.  One thing about  Papaya, it will absorb ingredients rapidly; therefore, if you enjoy it in a salad, add it last (after you have added your dressing).

I’m glad to say that I’m not alone in my love, you’ve probably seen Papaya smoothie stands, and themed clothing stores, of the delectable fruit.

Aside from all the romantic notions the Papaya fruit concocts, there are very real nutritional benefits derived from this beauty:

Nutritional Value

Important Nutritional Info

I guess when all is said and done,  I’ve done alright.   I would like to share with you a very simple and delicious smoothie recipe, which is absolutely worth  puckering for:

@LifeDelicacy’s Papaya Smoothie

1 half of  ripe Papaya cubed into chunks

1 cup of  soy milk ( you can us evaporated milk instead)

dash of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (imitation is ok) supplement vanilla extract by using Vanilla Soy milk.

Put all ingredients in blender, blend until smooth (add ice & blend on high for a frozen smoothie) also you can add sugar, or sugar substitute of your choice, to taste.

I hope you will enjoy the Papaya fruit as much as I have, and become in the very least an admirer, if not a luvr!

Thanks to: for their nutritional chart.

bing images for Papaya photo


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