One RingyDingy & September 1st

The month of September traditional gets us looking to the beginning of the fall season. Usually we are blessed with Indian Summer, giving a respite to an eventual Autumn and Winter.

However, September also brings along a multitude of special days, and events. To start, on the 1st of September we have Emma M. Nutt day! Who is Miss Nutt, none other than the very first female employee and operator of the phone company, Boston Massachusetts, 1878. You didn’t know you needed to know that, but actually you did.

Miss Nutt was as an important invention, as the telephone itself; imagine how much press that got? What would the telephone have been, without those nimble hands of Miss Nutt, to transfer all those calls?

No other character comes to mind, epitomizing the archetypical Operator than “Ernestine”, created by comedienne Lily Tomlin. For those that hadn’t heard of tenacious Ernestine, here’s a quick intro:

Aside from all the preconceived notions of the Operators of yesteryear, it’s a day to remember an industry that permanently changed. The onset of Information and Technology, in a very short amount of time, changed the world from switchboard to VoIP, apps, and links.

The telephone industry employed a majority of women, that made their first mark in the work place. In all probability becoming the first industry to give a new name, and role to a segment of the population, now known as working mothers (aside from nursing).

So, thank you Miss  Emma M. Nutt; for pulling that switch so many times, in your more than 30+ year career!


2 comments on “One RingyDingy & September 1st

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